Nigerian man and oyibo

Recently on Twitter, a debate broke out about how Nigerian ladies are reluctant to travel out of the country because they fear they might not be able to get a man to marry on time. 

Surprisingly some ladies agreed to this but the men couldn’t relate with such experience as they are really loved by females of other countries.
Nigerian woman and her oyibo husband
 Infact some men feel like treasures over there, some even say you won’t know your real worth as a Nigerian man until you travel out of the country. 
But how true is this and why is this so. Well for starters, based on testimonies gotten from people on Twitter and also based on experience I will agree to this.
Nigerian man and his white girlfriend
 As for the reason why this happen, one which stands out is that Nigerian men are caring and know how to chase and take care of a lady.
 This has made them stand above their counterparts in the dating game and gets them attracted to women abroad. Another thing is Nigerian men are hardworking.
Nigerian lady and her oyibo husband
 The average Nigerian man sees it as his responsibility to pay the bills and be the head of the home and irrespective of feminism in the western world, it could be that ladies love such men than the ones who would be dependent on them.
 Which reminds me of a Korean movie titled Hitman Agent Jun were the husband was dependent on the wife for a while and he received so much disrespectful until he finally had his break through, but that’s way out of topic, so let’s leave that aside.
 So there are my reasons. But for the Nigerian woman, same cannot be said. Some reports say men outside the country avoid Nigerian women because they feel too entitled, well could this be true?
 You decide on that. And they find it hard dating a Nigerian man because that Nigerian man is trying to secure his stay over there hence he likely goes for a native of that country.
 Howbeit may, one thing is obvious, Nigerian men are treasured out there and if you have plans to travel then don’t be worried as you will be able to get a wife. 

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