In the last post, I told you all about how following laundry symbols might not be the best for you and we talked about Cashmere. If you missed it, please click this before proceeding. It would be better for both of us.

Now that you’ve clicked the link – I hope -, let’s move on. There’s a lot of fabrics and materials out there and it was hard deciding which one to write on next so I just went with the easy and probably most popular of them all.


Did you know there’s a very high probability that what you’re putting on is cotton? A lot of our clothing materials are made of cotton. Tops, shirts, Tees, blouses, and a lot more are majorly made of cotton. Since they’re the majority of our clothes, it’s safe to say that people don’t care much about the proper way of washing it.
”Hey I should probably wear this tomorrow but it’s dirty. Meh, I’ll just toss it in the machine.” And so I do.

This is a very large percentage of us. We literally toss clothes made of cotton into the machine with very little care about how we should wash it to get the best out of it. Some of these cotton clothes don’t even come with laundry symbols. So, we just wash. 
This ’just’ washing cotton (full or part) actually causes shrinking. In actuality, here’s the proper way to do it.

The major cause of this shrinking is heat so you definitely want to cold wash. Remember I said you shouldn’t always follow the care label. Well for cotton, you actually should. If the label indicates a dry-clean-only, then you should rush those clothes immediately to the cleaners. Other cotton clothes can safely be self-washed if you do it right and carefully. Rapid drying of the clothing articles also causes cotton fibres to shrink.

If you’re machine drying, wash with cold water and on delicate. It’s best dry on line rather than machine dryer to avoid shrinking. If you choose to hand wash, do it in warm water and delicate detergent then dry the way you would dry after machine washing.

You see, cotton isn’t all that trouble. Comment what you do to keep your cotton in perfect shape for a long time.

Until next time, wash your clothes well.

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