Miss Personality 2021

We currently had a one on one chat with the current Miss Personality 2021 from the just concluded Miss Congeniality Oloyede Omolola. She’s a mathematics student of FUNAAB and she doubles as a fashion designer and model. She resides in Ibadan. The beautiful lady who has a striking resemblance to Ceec, Erica and Tems had this to say as we had a chat on her experience so far after winning the award for Miss Personality 2021.

Miss Personality 2021

Have you always wanted to be in a pageant or it just happened?

I have always wanted to come.

Did you have any doubts of winning a crown while contesting?

Sure it’s a competition you dunno what to expect.

Generally how was the experience like living with other girls in the same space?

Hmmm normal,it wasn’t easy though but in everything you have to be tolerant.

How did you feel when you where won miss personality?

I felt excited it’s an honor though.

Miss Personality 2021

What has been your experience so far since winning miss personality?

Well I just feel am not really free anymore some people kind of recognize me and expect a lot from Been an ambassador of a brand there are many things expected of you by the way So you know it actually seem like a responsibility.

Do people often tell you how much you look like Ceec?

Yeah but they also tag me with Erica and my recent pics was tagged with Tems.

What’s your beauty routine like, what keeps your skin glowing?

Well am just a natural person just bathing and all.

Miss Personality 2021

How do you define your style and what’s your most likeable outfit?

Always classy,I dunno but I just always wanna stand out,Well well well I would go for a short gown anytime I kind of feel very comfy in it.

What’s your fashion must have?

Lots of white dress,Blazer,Sneakers,heels,jeans,a shirt dress,a light weight scarf,denim,tops,round necks and few other things.

What tips would you give girls who want to compete for a beauty pageant?

Just be yourself and most importantly,Pageant is not only about beauty it deal with brain also just be wise and cautious in everything you do.Every woman is a queen just choose the kind of queen you wanna be

Miss Personality 2021

Did you have any challenges before and during contesting?

Definitely it was hard confusing people to vote and support me,it was even harder seeing people putting all their effort while I was way behind and yeah it seemed like everyone else was better than me that’s all though.

Miss Personality 2021

Do you see yourself acting in the future?

Definitely working towards that though.

What’s your social media handles in case fans want to reach out to you?


Picture Source: Miss Personality IG.

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