Ever wondered how certain people sell data to you at a really affordable rate, way cheaper than what your service providers would normally render? well we are going to try our best to give you enough details we have gathered so that you too can become one yourself. Way back when these SME’s data plan was introduced by our service providers, it was meant for small scale/ medium sized enterprises or businesses to enable them share their
data with their staff. But quickly, Nigerians turned it into a business where they subscribe for these SME packages and later sell the data to other people at an affordable rate. They managed to sell the data cheaper then, because the larger the size of the data bought, the cheaper it actually is when u do the math. But soon enough, only MTN offered this kind of plan and still do today, while other networks just sell their data but some how these data sellers still sell cheap data across all networks. Well so far this is what we gathered about how they manage to do this, so pay attention. 

MTN: MTN made it really easy for data sellers to do this business of selling data, all they have to do is subscribe to the SME plan by dialing *460# or by sending 460 to 131. Once you have migrated, you can then start buying data that lasts up to 60 days. Its called the 60 days/ quarterly data. They range form 20 gb upwards. 

After this has been done, you can now start sharing data with beneficiaries, directly allocating the size of GB they purchase from you. 

MTN made it really easy to run this business.

Airtel: Unlike MTN, starting off the data selling business with Airtel is a little bit complicated, for example Airtel data can not be shared based on size you want to give to a person, and also their data gifting plan is just like you buying data for yourself at the same price with money. So things are quite tricky here. One way of achieving data selling with Airtel, is to migrate to postpaid, by dialing *200#.  The term post paid means you will be charged at the end of the service. In post paid you can now purchase data that would last you up to 60 days but the problem is how to share the data. In Airtel, you can only share to people from your own plan, so if you have a 60 GB plan, who ever you add would be using the 60 GB as well. In this case you have to always monitor who is using your data 

This method is really hard to maintain, and i advise you not to use this, alternatively you can buy airtime at a cheap rate and then use it to buy data for people. This method is also tricky because you have to be on the look out for people who want to sell airtime at a cheap rate. Another method would be to sign up for platforms that already sell data. One is , these guys sell data at a cheap rate, you can buy from them and later sell to other people adding a little token on top of it. Your data would still be very much affordable. You can also get apps that give you a percentage back of what you recharge, one for instance was Zoto.

GLO:  Pretty much the same thing apply for Glo as of Airtel, data can not be shared based on allocation of sizes, so you either look for people who are selling airtime at a low cost, get platforms that already sell cheap data, buy from them and later sell or get an app like Zoto which provides coupons of cash back. 

9mobile(formerly Etisalat):  Just like MTN, 9mobile has made this data selling business easy for one. You can actually buy large amount of data and share to others by allocating the size of data the person wants. So if a person buys 5gb from you, you can simply send it to the person using this code *229*PIN*5000*Etisalat Number#. Note that 50000 is same as 5gb but in megabytes. 

With all these, you are on your way to starting the data business. But as a new comer i advice you to first use platforms such as to get customers first.  Remeber in this platform you don’t have to buy large amount of data. Once the person request for data at your own set price, you can simply go to the platform and buy for that person. Once you have gained a lot of followers you can then join the big leagues and start your own data business, buying large data directly from service providers and selling them back. However, a lot of mystery still surrounds how certain data sellers are able to sell Glo and Airtel data at affordable prices, some say they might have insiders. Hope this article helps. Cheers!


  • July 12, 2018 at 11:03 am

    SME data plan by MTN only shares with a maximum of 10 people. But these resellers can sell to more tha 10 people and the data starts counting once the last consumer receives it unlike buying from MTN SME which starts counting immediately you buy from MTN

  • October 8, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    You've made this really clear. Thanks for sharing this information.


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