Valentine is a few days away, and while it is most common to find a guy get things for a lady in Nigeria, a lady can also try get things for her man as well. Here we will be talking about certain affordable items you as a lady can get for your man and you would not have to break your bank account for it. So let’s go.

Perfume Oil: You can get your man a set of perfume oil from oil vendors, one being Rabby’s secent. She has affordable oils and she packages them well. A set of her oil should not cost much and she makes deliveries to every part of the country. You can contact her on 08145040391, or follow her Instagram page @rabbys_scent.

Bracelets: How about a nice bracelet to let your man know you admire him and you can even encrust your name on them. Rabby collections, also owned by Rabbys scent can help you achieve that. All you have to do is place an order on time and you will have your hubby staring at your name every step of the way. It’s that simple.

Shirts: How about you get your hubby a Packet shirt for work or a casual shirt he can wear and take you to the movies with. Well all you have to do is contact @olorikennymiles and she will get you covered. For afordable amoun as low as 15k or there about you can get up to 4 packet shirts from her store Now that’s not bad at all. You can also reach her at her IG page on @kennymiless.

Watches: Get your man a fancy wrist watch he can wear and swag around town with. A nice leather watch that won’t break your bank would do. All you have to do is go out there looking for one and pay the bills. Surprise him on that special day ladies, it should not cost much.

Shoes: Ladies Ladies Ladies as the butterscotch himself would say, that’s Rotimi by the way. Get your man a nice Leather shoe and why i am so excited about this is i know your plug for one and thats Isaac Jones. If a lady gets me an Isaac Jones, i will be so glad for real. His shoes are top notch and of good quality as well. I still rock the one i got about 3 years ago or there about. You can check out his IG page for yourself @isaacjoneswears. You can also call him on (234)07060695409.

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