Basically, there are certain misconceptions as to what Data Mining is about, some people think it is just retrieving and visualizing data, but that’s untrue. Data Mining is the process of retrieving useful patterns from a large set of data, lets say Big Data see here.

These patterns are used for future projections and predictions and helps in decision making, especially in business organisations as well as for security as well. But you would ask yourself, how are these patterns arrived at in the first place? well that’s a good question. In other to get these patterns, a relatively large subset of the data you are studying will be taking and studied.

These study involves using statistical and mathematical formulas to get the desired pattern you are searching for, like for instance we have the Bayes’ theory which basically gives you the possibility of an event occurring based on certain events in the past and also regression analysis.

Mind you Data Mining can also be referred to as Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) which makes it even easier to understand the concept of Data Mining. Data Mining is part of Artificial intelligence which has being gaining a lot of talks for a long time. In other for Data Mining to be achieved, 6 phases need to be determined, first, Understand the Business, then Understand the Data available, Prepare the data, model, Evaluate your data and finally Deploy your result.

To get a better understanding of how data can be mined, try out these applications. Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO: data mining tool, Microsoft Analysis Services: data mining software provided by Microsoft, Oracle Data Mining: data mining software by Oracle Corporation. etc.

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