Here we are going to list out 10 items we think every fashionable guy should have in his closet. Ladies, kindly drop comments on the kind of items that attract you to a guy.

1. Leather Shoes: Every Fashionable guy should have good pairs of authentic leather shoes that he can match with any suit or any outfit of his choice. These leather shoes can be mostly of colors brown and black. Some ladies say the first thing they check out in a guy are his shoes, so you better get good ones in other to attract the right lady.

2. Leather watch: Every guy should have a good watch, but what is even better is possessing a fancy leather watch that suits your skin color. It shows class as well as makes you look good generally.

3. Packet Shirts: Every fashionable guy should have several good looking long sleeve cooperate shirts that suit occasions such as meetings or office. The most common color that a guy should own should be blue and white. Nice striped shirts also go very well.

4. Golf caps: There are several kind of caps out there but i think every fashionable guy should own at least one good looking golf cap that he can put on in cases of extreme sun or just as a casual wear. Of recent i have found myself obsessed with wearing face caps.

5. Cufflinks: Every fashionable guy should have an alternative to buttons and Cufflinks will do the job. They go well with cooperate or native wears and have a dash of class to them when used. I in particular prefer using Cufflinks for my native wears rather than buttons.

6. Leather Belts: Black and brown leather belts are all you need as a guy to hold your trousers to your waist. Those two colors will go perfectly with any outfit you put on. Kindly avoid using colorful belts such as yellow or green as it falls short drastically from classy.

7. Shades: Dark shades are what you need to stay in touch with your fashionable side as a guy. You can also get transparent non medicated shades as well if you want to.

8. Ties: Of course we can’t forget ties. Nice pair of ties is all you really need as a guy in your closet. Ensure to keep them simple and less dramatic.

9. Socks: You definitely don’t want your legs to smell once you take off your shoes, so you do definitely need socks. Asides that, they add a general classy look to you.

10. Tee shirts: Lastly but not least are T-shirts. Every guy should have T-shirts somewhere in their closet for casual outings and also to wear when the sun is scorching hot. White T-shirt is a most have as they go really well with blue jeans, Keeping things simple, casual and classy.

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